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Does My Car’s Automatic Cruise Control Affect My Insurance Claims?

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If you are wondering whether or not your car’s automatic cruise control affects your insurance claims, read more of this article for some important information. 

Some insurance providers provide a 5% or more discount for having automatic cruise control in your car. But what if you’re in an accident? To know the details of your specific case, you need to reach out to car accident lawyers to know the details of your particular case. Yet, here I will discuss the general information about the fact.

What’s the first thing you should do after a car accident involving cruise control? File a complaint? Reach out to the car accident lawyers. Or check if the insurance company of the other party covers the bills. You might need clarification. 

How to Claim Insurance for Cruise Control Car Accidents?

There are many complexities involved in all cruise control car accident cases. Yet a few steps might help you simplify the situation. Here I have discussed what you should do after getting into an accident like this.

After the accident, just follow the instructions below. It would make it possible to claim more insurance and lose less from your pocket.

1. Reach out to car accident lawyers

The first thing you need to do is reach out to car accident lawyers. Even before going to the police, have a car accident lawyer by your side. Why? Because he knows more than you. He will guide you every step toward the resolution of the car accident lawsuit or the car accident settlement.

A car accident lawyer is an attorney with extensive practice in court regarding car accident lawsuits. So reaching out to him is best from the start. This means prioritizing car accident lawyers before filing a car accident complaint.

2. Appeal from insurers

This should be the first step, though. I am discussing it as the second. Because to deal with the insurance company, you need a car accident lawyer. If the other party in the accident has insurance, file a claim for compensation for the damage.

Have enough evidence in your hand while filing a claim. The amount from the claim will cover your vehicle damage and the medical bills, if there is any. Each insurance company has its requirements and criteria for this citation, so you must check out that first.

3. File a complaint of cruise control accident

If it wasn’t your mistake, you could sue the other party. If they were texting while driving with the cruise control on or their car broke down and couldn’t control the speed or brakes, they might be held responsible for an accident.

You have tried talking to the insurance provider, but it doesn’t produce any results. Reach out to your lawyer and ask for a complaint record from the police. By doing so, you may be able to recover car repair costs and other expenditures.

4. Use car accident settlement calculators

Let’s say two parties agreed on settlements. What’s next? You need a valid car accident settlement calculator. It will help you find what amount each party needs to pay or receive. It will also help you discover how much insurers have to pay.

There are many car accident settlement calculators available online and each has its features. You can use one suitable to your case or two to three different ones for better results.


Precaution is always better than curing the disease. Do it with car accidents as well. Nowadays, roads are crowded more than ever. Nothing is guaranteed. So, it’s a good practice to be careful beforehand.

1. Have a car accident attorney on your side

Though you are super cautious while driving, having a car accident attorney by your side wouldn’t cause you more than your life. They keep you aware of every minor detail about varying laws of traffic.

Transportation keeps evolving with time. And so do the technology and laws related to them. Even if you’re not buying a new car, others are. You need to know every rule and regulation about their vehicles as well.  Car accident attorneys keep you aware of that.

2. Don’t rely on technology more than your skills

With more technology coming into the transport section, more road accidents occur. Why? Because people believe they don’t need to do anything now. Nothing is comparable to an active driver in the driver’s seat.

There is an increase in the number of car accident lawsuits for the time being. The reason is the increasing intrusion of technology. Hence technology causes car accidents, if you rely on it more than your skills.

3. Be careful while making turns on the signal

People become careless while driving with effective cruise control employed in their cars. This causes accidents more than saving them. One of the most dangerous situations is when suddenly two or more vehicles turn on the same side simultaneously.

This situation might lead to an accident as cruise control can’t understand these sudden situations. Hence, it’s more than necessary to be careful in such cases.

4. Find out if you have cruise control in your car

While I said don’t rely on technology, I never meant I don’t employ the latest technology. Technology is intended to help us in our daily life. It’s there to make life easier. You must choose as much of it as you can afford.

Automatic cruise control in your vehicle would make it easier for you to drive better. But with cruise control, it doesn’t mean your car is in auto-pilot mode. You have to play your part in controlling it.

Final Analysis

Automatic cruise control helps in your insurance claim. You have to claim it from your insurer or the other party. Some insurers do offer coverage for cruise control car accidents. I have listed some of the key takeaways below:

  • Reach out to car accident lawyers to better know your rights and duties. They will help you file your claim better.
  • Use a car accident settlement calculator to understand how much you can claim.
  • Reach out to the authorities if the insurance company needs to respond as per your rightful demands.
  • Along with all this, being careful doesn’t cause any harm. So, be careful even with your automatic cruise control in action.

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